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Address: Villa no. 17, Cnr Street 528 and 287 , Sangkat Boueng kok 1, Khan Toulkork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
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Welcome to our school’s website

Pre-school opening in March 2014, register today, for children as young as 2 years old!

We are proud to inform you that a new Pre-school section for our school  is opening in March 2014, with registration starting now!

Because we believe that the sooner they start, the more talented they become, your School for Future Leaders is now happy to welcome pre-school children aged 2 to 3 years old. This age is a critical time in a child’s development, a time of independence, increasing mobility and language exploration. Your child will be in an environment where he or she will be provided with a large variety of activities. What better opportunity for your child to prepare their first year in kindergarten than to start now?

  Dear Parents,


The School for Future Leaders is one of the newest international primary schools in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We are a non-religious, co-educational school dedicated in helping students to attain their highest potential. The aim of our school is to fully develop your children’s unique abilities by providing them with the best international standard education system in a safe, friendly, and happy environment.

            Our academic teaching is based on the Cambridge curriculum, from the British education system, recognized as one of the best in the world. Graduates from the School for Future Leaders will be able to pursue further studies in any school in Cambodia and in other parts of the world.

            A wise Cambodian proverb teaches us, that to plant a tree, we must take care of the roots; to develop your children, we must nurture their characters. To this end, we have devoted our energy and time to incorporate SEE - social, emotional and ecological learning and leadership into the school curriculum. Through our OPERACY, Personal Empowerment and Leadership Program, your daughters and sons will acquire practical skills to resolve conflict, solve complex problem, make effective decisions, and more importantly, to develop the love, compassion, confidence and resilience to lead and serve others.

Our commitment does not end with your children; the School for Future Leaders also provides a series of free parenting skills training and workshops to parents, including, How to become a Super Mom and Super Dad, OPERACY and CoOperacy.

            We have prepared this website to enable you and your children a glimpse at our school, its philosophy, admission policy, curriculum, learning calendar, schedule, and facilities. The photo gallery provides a window to our student’s activities and achievements. We hope this website will entice you to visit our school personally, and to find out more from me, from our international teachers and the rest of our friendly school team.

We believe that children are born to succeed, not to fail, and it is the duty of parents and teachers to work together to provide them with the best education possible. So, allow us be your partner in preparing your daughters and sons for a future of uncommon greatness.  


Thank you.

School for Future Leaders